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RealEye Eye-tracking system Technology Whitepaper

We’ve made a lot of improvements in our webcam eye-tracking technology for the past weeks. That’s why we’ve decided to prepare new technology white paper with the focus on the eye-tracking accuracy. You can read the RealEye Eye-tracking system Technology Whitepaper.

RealEye 6.9 – Test quality details

RealEye becomes even more transparent when it comes to eye-tracking data analysis. With version 6.9, it’s now possible to see detailed statistics for every participant.For getting the most useful results, please read our support article: How to get accurate results? RealEye 6.9 release notes:

RealEye 6.6 – Enhanced surveys

It’s now possible to get more feedback from the eye-tracking test participant thanks to customizable questions.Every image, video, or website can now be followed up with a single or multiple choice question. RealEye 6.6 release notes:

RealEye 6.4 – live websites testing (beta)

The long-awaited feature, live website testing is now available. All you have to do is: As a result, you’ll receive a recording of each tester (gaze and cursor). Do you want to test it by yourself as one of the participants? Click here! RealEye 6.4 release notes: