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RealEye 12.1 – 12.7 Release Notes

You can add a simple JavaScript code to the website you’re testing so the eye-tracking test ends automatically whenever needed, before the study max time is reached.

RealEye 12.0 Release Notes

Unlike the image/video study type, it allows creating multiple triggers (clickable areas) with redirections to different items on the page mockups (screenshots or videos). This is why participants get the feeling of browsing a real website during the test, but, in contrast to a live website study, you get aggregated heatmaps like for an image-based test.

Understanding Eye-Tracking Technology: A Beginner’s Guide

Eye-tracking technology is a method of measuring and analyzing the movement of a person’s eyes. This technology is used in a variety of fields, including psychology, neuroscience, marketing, and human-computer interaction. In this article, we will provide a beginner’s guide to understanding eye-tracking technology. Eye-tracking technology works by using a… Read More »Understanding Eye-Tracking Technology: A Beginner’s Guide

RealEye Christmas Gift

This Christmas RealEye supported a fundraiser for a power generator to help Ukraine. We want to encourage you to donate to the same foundation as we did: or any other charity. We shouldn’t forget about those in need. Let’s make the world a better place together!

RealEye 11.0 Release Notes – Improved Fixation Filter

RealEye version 11.0 provides even more reliable and precise eye-tracking metrics and K-factor values. NOTE:Please be aware that heatmaps, recordings, and AOI statistics in RealEye version 11.0, in many cases, are a bit different from the previous versions. Please read RealEye’s version 11.0 Fixation Filter description for more information.RealEye API version 2.3.0… Read More »RealEye 11.0 Release Notes – Improved Fixation Filter

Research about Dynamics of visual attention during online lectures

Beata Lewandowska, Kasia Wisiecka, RealEye, SWPS 8 min read When COVID-19 appeared, many activities were brought online. This applies to learning – schools and Universities had to find a way to fulfill their task without meeting students in person. Most of them, like the rest of the world, started using… Read More »Research about Dynamics of visual attention during online lectures

RealEye pricing is now updated

RealEye is committed to providing you with the quality you expect and deserve. We’ve found a way to minimize the price increase while keeping the continuous development of the tool to increase the quality of our service. Here’s the new pricing model: We appreciate your continued support through this time… Read More »RealEye pricing is now updated