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RealEye 13.5.0 Release Notes

Features:– New hotspot type that allows unmuting video on mockups. It can be retriggered to control the mute state. Security:– Sharing study results requires a dedicated link to access resources. The study result has the share function disabled. This change does not influence already shared studies. Fixes:– Optimization of the… Read More »RealEye 13.5.0 Release Notes

RealEye 13.0-13.4 release notes

Here you’ll find RealEye latests release notes: Version 13.0 Feature:– Test without eye-tracking: this feature allows conducting a RealEye test without the eye-tracking module. Calibration and related steps are omitted. Instead of a conventional eye-tracker mouse-tracker is used. The feature can be triggered on a specific test if ‘reio-webcam-disable=1 ‘… Read More »RealEye 13.0-13.4 release notes

RealEye at IIEX Europe Conference

This year we participated in the IIEX Europe Conference ( We had the pleasure of meeting many amazing people and talking with them about eye-tracking technology and neuroscience/neuromarketing research. Thanks to the organizers, speakers, and all participants for this great event – see you next time!