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php backend working fast and secure

RealEye 15.1 – Backend update to PHP 8.2

We have made an upgrade to the latest version of PHP. This change is almost transparent to the end user, but lets us build our solution faster, better and more secure. RealEye 15.1 Release Notes:

Researcher using computer to analyze eye-tracking heatmap.

RealEye 15.0 – Polygonal AOI

RealEye, the online eye-tracking solution, has just released a new feature that allows users to create free form areas of interest (AOIs) using polygons. This feature enables users to define more complex and irregular shapes for their AOIs, which can be useful for analyzing eye movements on various types of… Read More »RealEye 15.0 – Polygonal AOI

Dynamic AOIs example

RealEye 14.0 – 14.14 Release Notes

Exciting news from! We’ve developed a new feature called “Embedded Website Study” that lets you conduct quantitative research directly on your websites using our fresh SDK. This offers a deep dive into user behavior and motivations, leading to improved user experiences and engagement.

RealEye 13.5.0 Release Notes

Features:– New hotspot type that allows unmuting video on mockups. It can be retriggered to control the mute state. Security:– Sharing study results requires a dedicated link to access resources. The study result has the share function disabled. This change does not influence already shared studies. Fixes:– Optimization of the… Read More »RealEye 13.5.0 Release Notes

RealEye 13.0-13.4 release notes

Here you’ll find RealEye latests release notes: Version 13.0 Feature:– Test without eye-tracking: this feature allows conducting a RealEye test without the eye-tracking module. Calibration and related steps are omitted. Instead of a conventional eye-tracker mouse-tracker is used. The feature can be triggered on a specific test if ‘reio-webcam-disable=1 ‘… Read More »RealEye 13.0-13.4 release notes