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RealEye 15.0 – Polygonal AOI

RealEye, the online eye-tracking solution, has just released a new feature that allows users to create free form areas of interest (AOIs) using polygons. This feature enables users to define more complex and irregular shapes for their AOIs, which can be useful for analyzing eye movements on various types of stimuli. Users can also combine multiple polygons to create one AOI, which can be helpful for grouping related elements together.

Support: What is AOI?

To use this feature, users need to select the “Polygon” option from the AOI toolbar and then click on the points where they want to draw the polygon. Users can adjust the shape and size of the polygon by dragging the points or adding new ones.

This feature is available for all types of studies, including images, videos, and live websites. Users can access the feature from the “AOI” tab on the dashboard. Users can also export the AOI data in CSV format for further analysis.

We hope that this feature will enhance your eye-tracking research and provide you with more insights into how people perceive your stimuli. If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to contact us at Thank you for choosing RealEye!

RealEye v15.0 Release Notes

  • Polygonal (free-form) AOI.
  • Aoi K Coefficient.
  • Option to  Redirect to “Screen out URL” when participant fails to calibrate.
  • #ui New data chart plot: K factor raw data.
  • Data chart image download.
  • Email when license usage is about to be full.
  • #doc Embedded Website SDK.
  • #performance Speed up file upload.
  • #performance Optimize layout images size.
  • #support Update Embedded website example.
  • Revert “#eyetracker Use wider left eye image to improve accuracy.”.
  • #hotfix #jssdk Html document layout viewport may be 0!!!
  • #hotfix #jssdk Listen for elements mutation changes to catch attribute change.
  • Mockup image does not have to be always scrolled (feature request(s) for Shopper Mockups).
  • Allow control scrolling for video mockups.
  • Clone item order.
  • #fix Ghost fixations.
  • #ui Missing translations added.
  • #fix Points close very close to border used to have small negative value instead of 0.
  • #fix – allow “comma” in URL address validator.