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RealEye 14.0 – 14.14 Release Notes

Exciting news from! We’ve developed a new feature called “Embedded Website Study” that lets you conduct quantitative research directly on your websites using our fresh SDK. This offers a deep dive into user behavior and motivations, leading to improved user experiences and engagement.

  • Embedded Website tests for aggregated results
  • #feature keep scroll offset while browsing between mockup items
  • #csv Quality grade csv column
  • #fix Video replace change name
  • #fix Start mockup clock after user closes message confirm
  • #ui add Malay language
  • #fix AOI import success message
  • #fix live website tests quality stats
  • #fix Normalize button on emotion chart doesn’t expand y-axis to -1
  • #ux Disable “Pull to refresh” test on Android with Chrome.
  • #hotfix When touchend removed swipe/click was triggering both swipe and click resulting in double-click.
  • #hotfix If swipe is enabled and test device is desktop attach click event instead of swipe.
  • #hofix Live website study used to set display time to 0s.
  • Store Participant’s device pixel ratio.
  • #ux – warn users about possible corrupted recording preview for Page URI item type
  • #ui Minimal display time field
  • #ux Mak sure minimal display time do not exceed display time nor study max display time.
  • #fix On study clone, questions used to being cloned two times
  • #ui Improve study wizard – “Embedded Website” and “Screen Recording” type
  • #ui Display aoi id in heatmap aoi sidebar.
  • #fix Fix some CSV not taking exposure number into account properly.
  • #ui Add Norwegian & Danish translations
  • #ui All studies list
  • #ui Remove devices icons from finished list
  • #ui Select devices blockade
  • #performance Upgrade to Tensorflow JS 4.8.
  • #security Detect and block fraud batch payments + disabled devices tooltip
  • Passing query string to embedded website
  • #eyetracker Use wider left eye image to improve accuracy
  • #ux automatically choose camera (first from the top)
  • #fix Expected RE panelist count based on result orders