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RealEye 13.0-13.4 release notes

Here you’ll find RealEye latests release notes:

Version 13.0

Test without eye-tracking: this feature allows conducting a RealEye test without the eye-tracking module. Calibration and related steps are omitted. Instead of a conventional eye-tracker mouse-tracker is used. The feature can be triggered on a specific test if ‘reio-webcam-disable=1 ‘ parameter is presented in the participant test link URL.

version 13.1

– Hide the exposure filter when the study isn’t a mockup.
– Hide cursor on recordings when fielding device is mobile.

version 13.2

– Export quality stats to CSV: participants’ quality data can be downloaded as a CSV file (contains all data visible under the ‘Quality Stats and Drop-rate’ tab).

version 13.3

– Clone mockup study surveys.