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RealEye 12.12.0 Release Notes

We are happy to introduce RealEye version 12.12.0!

In this update:

  • Add additional instruction popup with customized text and icons.
  • Users can change a stimulus name.
  • Audio is available on downloaded recordings.
  • Pausing Mockup tests when the “fix eyes” popup is presented.
  • #reliability Change max parallel uploads from 10 to 2 for images and 1 for videos – to make it more reliable.
  • #fix Wrong time range on the heatmap load.
  • #fix Missing quality column in the survey CSV file.
  • #fix Empty external data in keyboard and mouse CSV file & clean double column header prefix.
  • #fix Block upload if the file exceeds 500 MB.
  • #ui Minor message improvement about video transcoding.
  • #fix Do not save the eye-tracking sample if the timestamp is undefined.
  • #fix Workaround added in EBML that fixes webm download.
  • #fix Jobs page twig error.
  • #ui Change wording for additional instruction.