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Home ยป RealEye 12.1 – 12.7 Release Notes

RealEye 12.1 – 12.7 Release Notes

New features:

Various improvements and bug fixes:

  • #feture – add new Occupation -> PhD Student
  • #fix Finish on click areas cloned properly.
  • #ui heatmaps dashboards timeslider adapts to the max. data time
  • #ui Change stimulus default display duration to 10s (from 20s).
  • #ui Minor improvements for study enabled devices.
  • #ui add confirmation popup when closing a test tab
  • #fix Data chart does not show.
  • #api #csv Add “aoi_visit_total_count” and “aoi_revisit_total_count” to “AOI Fixations Stats per participant” CSV.
  • #fix – don’t show ignored panelists on recording list
  • #ux – fix translations for Chinese (and others minor)
  • #ux – add global loader bar (like Prolific
  • #ux – set time-to as max-time foe heatmap analysis
  • #ui Link to our new blog page
  • #ui Change ‘view’ to ‘exposure’ number on heatmap analyzer
  • #fix Check if video is paused before setting its current time.
  • #performance Speed up “AOI Fixations Overall Stats per participant” CSV.
  • #performance Improve overall performance where database is accessed.
  • #performance Improve performance of reading study stimuli, and stimuli AIOs.
  • #performance Improve performance of “AOIs Overall Stats” CSV.
  • #fix – time slider fo “files” studies
  • #ui Show Stimulus ID when mouse over thumbnail.
  • #ui Rename “item” to “stimulus” on participant quality stats page.
  • #csv “Keyboard and mouse overall per participant” export supports itemLimit and itemOffset.
  • #performance Make “Keyboard and Mouse Overall Per Participant CSV” more reliable for big studies.
  • #ui #fix “You’re not meeting all the criteria”.