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Home ยป RealEye 6.2 – Fixation filter and signal noise reduction

RealEye 6.2 – Fixation filter and signal noise reduction

Analyzing your data based on fixations is now possible thanks to our new fixation filter and signal noise reduction ๐Ÿ™‚
By default, we’re detecting 100 ms long fixations using gaze velocity, working on interpolated, denoised eye-tracking data.

A few things worth noticing:

  • Heatmaps are now using the “Fixations” view by default.
  • You can customize the Fixation Filter to your preferences.
  • You can export a CSV file with info about fixation count for all your AOIs.
  • You can switch to the previous “Gaze points” view if you prefer that kind of data.
  • Heatmaps and recording are now using denoised data (moving median).
  • You can control the noise reduction algorithm strength for heatmaps and recordings.

RealEye 6.2 release notes:

  • Add Fixation Filter – based on gaze velocity.
  • Add Signal Noise Reduction – moving median.
  • Add data interpolation (to 60 Hz).
  • Work on gaze data outside of the screen range.
  • Minor UI/UX improvements.
  • Minor bug fixes.

We would like to thank Nick, one of our customers, for giving us a precious feedback about the new features.