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RealEye 6.5 – Improved accuracy and performance

RealEye version 6.5 comes with a new face detection algorithm and many performance optimizations. More detailed face mesh allows us to start working on face coding. We plan to provide emotion analysis quite soon.

RealEye 6.5 release notes:

  • A high sampling rate (up to 60 Hz) can now be achieved even on a low-end laptop.
  • Slight head movements have a smaller impact on gaze prediction.
  • White label tests now use a separate non-branded domain.
  • Minor UI/UX improvements and bug fixes.

We’ve started working on the Spanish and Portuguese versions of our service. Having now the improved webcam eye-tracking, we’re also preparing to allow up to 20 minutes long studies soon.

NOTE: We support only Google Chrome and Chromium-based web browsers (e.g. the latest Microsoft Edge).
For example, Firefox does not offer hardware acceleration, which causes too low accuracy and precision of our eye-tracking algorithm.