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Live eye-tracking hosted session (BETA)

Sometimes it’s not enough just to know where somebody was looking. There are studies or cases when it’s also required to talk with the participant during the eye-tracking session, give him/her additional instructions, ask some questions to better understand the behavior, and so on. Now RealEye has a perfect solution for such needs – Hosted Sessions. They can be launched for any type of stimuli (images, videos or live websites). You need to give access to your microphone (as your voice is also recorded) and a participant needs to share the screen and grant access to the microphone as well. You’ll be able to see the participant’s gaze live during the session and after the test watch the usual participant’s recording or the hosted recording with your conversation.

Read how to use Hosted Sessions and what are the requirements here:

Please note that this feature is still in a BETA stage. We’re still testing it and working on some improvements.