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RealEye 7.0 – Eye-tracking Metrics Improved

RealEye version 7.0 introduces quite significant improvements in eye-tracking metrics we provide on the dashboard and in the exported CSV files.

NOTICE: Some metric values might have changed from what you’ve seen in previous versions of RealEye. That’s because we’ve improved our algorithms to provide even more accurate and useful data.

If you have any questions regarding this release please, contact us via email or chat. We’ll be happy to answer all your questions.

A detailed explanation of the eye-tracking metrics you can get from RealEye is described on this support page.

RealEye 7.0 release notes:

  • Improved eye-tracking metrics, e.g.:
    • Show AOI size in percentage of the whole stimuli.
    • Show AOI time range.
    • A new metric: “Gaze count”.
    • A new metric: “First Fixation Duration”.
    • Fixation is considered valid for the AOI time range:
      – if it has begun exactly when the AOI time range starts or later
      – if it has begun before the end of theAOI time range
    • Fixation point is an average of all included gaze points.
    • For smoothed and normalized data gaze (fixations), raw gaze timestamp is now considered to be gaze end time.
    • “Revisits” metric improved.
      AOI visit is detected:
      – if there’s a fixation in the AOI, or many fixations “one after another”.
  • The readability note removed – it was too subjective.
  • Data export improved: CSV files with AOI data take the AOI time range into account.
  • You can manually adjust the “Noise reduction” setting both for fixations and gazes.
  • New data export file: CSV with AOI Overall Stats. It’s a file that contains most of the metrics you see on the dashboard.
  • New data export file: CSV Raw Gazes Denoised.
  • Improved Data Chart.
  • Minor UI/UX and performance improvements. Bug fixes.
  • Security and reliability improvements.

Special thanks to Luis, one of our customers, who has given us a lot of feedback regarding our metrics and data export feature.