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RealEye 11.0 Release Notes – Improved Fixation Filter

RealEye version 11.0 provides even more reliable and precise eye-tracking metrics and K-factor values.

Please be aware that heatmaps, recordings, and AOI statistics in RealEye version 11.0, in many cases, are a bit different from the previous versions.

Please read RealEye’s version 11.0 Fixation Filter description for more information.
RealEye API version 2.3.0 (released with RealEye v11.0) Documentation. Please check the API Changelog.

  • New Features:
    • Introduce a “Maximum Fixation Duration (ms)” parameter for the Fixation Filter.
    • Introduce a “Maximum Saccade Duration (ms)” parameter. Allows adjusting the K-factor algorithm.
    • K-factor raw data export.
    • Support WEBP image format.
    Major Changes:
    • Improve gaze velocity algorithm for (I-VT) Fixation Filter. Gaze velocity calculation is now more uniform. Velocity value is normalized by screen diagonal, which makes this parameter independent of participant resources.
    • Improve eye-tracking samples denoising by applying a Time of Interest (TOI) in the moving median algorithm. Moving median algorithm formerly used fixed median range. The new solution that takes the median range based on time of interest is more resilient to various edge case scenarios, for example, partly missing data or different sampling rates.
    • Improved default settings of the Fixation Filter.
    • #api New filtration parameters (maxFixationDurationMs and maxSaccadeDurationMs).
    • #performance Eye-tracking samples are no longer interpolated up to 60 Hz but up to 30 Hz.
    • Eye-tracking samples are denoised first and then interpolated.
    • New Participant Quality Stats algorithm (version 9). Gaze is considered to be “on screen” for gazes up to 5% “off the screen”.
  • User interface and experience improvements:
    • Add time selector inputs for the Analytics dashboard.
    • Add the Albanian language for the test.
    • Add the Hindi language for the test.
    • Add the Vietnamese language for the test.
    • Add the Tagalog language for the test.
    • #ui Add information about K and Smartphones to LP (Landing Page).
    • #ui Change “7-days free license” -> “7-day free license”.
    • Increase the limit of video files to 500 MB for replacing the videos.
    • #ui Change translation to fit UI.
    • #ui Heatmap correction by 1% instead of 30px.
    • #translate “OK” in generating the steps
  • Various improvements and bug fixes:
    • Fix moving median algorithm (denoising). The old version was overriding raw data while performing filtration, which compromised the processing results.
    • Improve automated tests for Fixation Filter (and related components).
    • #fix Fix seach study by name & ID
    • #csv #api #performance Stream all CSV files.
    • #fix Increase bottom margin for the player bar to show horizontal slider when zooming on heatmaps dashboard.
    • #fix Company discount was not calculated properly.
    • #performance Cache saccades.
    • #ui #heatmap Don’t show empty sections below “Noise reduction window” when “From Gazes”.
    • #fix Fix contact form.
    • #fix Fix Start –> “Começar” in PT.