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php backend working fast and secure

RealEye 15.1 – Backend update to PHP 8.2

We have made an upgrade to the latest version of PHP. This change is almost transparent to the end user, but lets us build our solution faster, better and more secure. RealEye 15.1 Release Notes:

Shopper Research 101: Understanding Consumer Behavior and Insights

Keywords:  Planogram – A detailed diagram or schematic shows the placement and arrangement of products on shelves and displays within a store. FMCG -“Fast-Moving Consumer Goods.” products that have a short shelf life, food, beverages, toiletries, cleaning products, and other everyday consumer items.  A/B Testing – A/B testing, or split… Read More »Shopper Research 101: Understanding Consumer Behavior and Insights

Researcher using computer to analyze eye-tracking heatmap.

RealEye 15.0 – Polygonal AOI

RealEye, the online eye-tracking solution, has just released a new feature that allows users to create free form areas of interest (AOIs) using polygons. This feature enables users to define more complex and irregular shapes for their AOIs, which can be useful for analyzing eye movements on various types of… Read More »RealEye 15.0 – Polygonal AOI

The Fascinating Science Behind Eye Tracking: How Our Eyes Reveal Hidden Insights.

Nowadays, everything is fighting for our attention. Social media, advertising, and much more are trying to keep us as busy as possible. Understanding how we direct attention to something is essential knowledge from the perspective of scientific research in marketing or education. The foundation of this type of research is… Read More »The Fascinating Science Behind Eye Tracking: How Our Eyes Reveal Hidden Insights.

Dynamic AOIs example

RealEye 14.0 – 14.14 Release Notes

Exciting news from! We’ve developed a new feature called “Embedded Website Study” that lets you conduct quantitative research directly on your websites using our fresh SDK. This offers a deep dive into user behavior and motivations, leading to improved user experiences and engagement.

ETRA 2023 Conference

ETRA 2023 has come to an end. It was a fantastic conference where we had a chance to meet many incredible people from the neuroscience world. Thank you, everyone, for being there and talking with us. Thank you for all the inspiring panels. And big thanks to the organizers! See… Read More »ETRA 2023 Conference

Unravel’s eye-tracking study on Heineken Beers

About the case study In this case study, we explore Unravel’s successful collaboration with RealEye (webcam, DIY eye-tracking platform), leveraging the platform to conduct a comprehensive study on Heineken beer. By harnessing RealEye’s advanced eye-tracking capabilities, Unravel uncovered valuable insights and enhanced its research methodologies. This article delves into the… Read More »Unravel’s eye-tracking study on Heineken Beers